You Feel Like Laughing? Get Yourself A Kitten And A Mirror…Or Just Watch This Hilarious Video!

One of the best happiness of being a pet proprietor is looking at your sweet fur critter playing and making lots of exciting things. Obviously, we don’t know how they’re going to respond to the least difficult of experiences. Indeed, even things planed particularly for them can be absolutely confusing for their little brains. But we can understand that. Just imagine of being their size and managing with how peculiar it can be to watch their environment. It is similar to they are living in their own perpetual variant of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!

There is one thing you can quite often count on giving your pets to confused them – mirror. Often they don’t understand that they’ve seen themselves in a mirror and it can be very silly! Also, they might fall in love with the shadow, and that can be super interesting. This sweet little kitty definitely doesn’t feel love for her shadow.

I can bet that she doesn’t like the copy feline that is watching her. While this cute feline was playing and spinning around, she suddenly sees a new shadow out of the side of her eye, and things take a hilarious turn. Jumping and raising her back, she has no idea that it’s simply her own particular fluffy face she is attempting to fight!