WARNING: Not For The Weak Of Heart -Worst Impalements EVER

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Im going to warn you,this post has some disturbing stuff. A fear I have is that I’m driving along and that something hits my windshield out of nowhere, and I get impaled while driving. Well, it happens way more than you think and many people often survive with little lasting effects. The images they leave behind are shocking.

I once knew a guy that was playing frisbee at a party his parents house while they were away on vacation. He and his friends were having a good time until the frisbee went off the balcony and into the ice-plant below on a vacant lot. He jumped off the balcony and slipped on the slick ice-plant and impaled himself onto a piece of Rebar. His friends pulled him off and he didnt see any nasty wound as it entered into his anus. The next day he was very sick and he went to the emergency room. It turned out the rebar went through his puckered starfish, tore through his intestine and he had been leaking feces into his body cavity all night long.

The doctors removed all his internal organs and placed them in bags while they cleaned out his body cavity. This is a true story. So be warned, this gallery is filed with agony and pain but everyone survived.


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