The Mystery Of The Missing Millionaires

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It is said that each year around 800,000 people go missing as per the records, around the world. 800,000! But if the unreported figures are added to that total, it might bring  a tally of 1,300,000 missing persons per year.

Keeping track of every missing person is impossible,especially in this busy world of people like us who are engrossed in our hectic lives.

Those people neither make it into the breaking news, nor do they have journalists swarming around their apartment to get a glimpse of their mourning family members.

They are the people, who just add up to the tally and become a number in the record books. However if these people were millionaires, then there is a huge outcry among the public wanting to know every detail of the story. Here are 10 such stories of the millionaires who went missing.

Arthur Kingsley Porter

Arthur was an American art historian and medievalist and is accredited for his studies and insights into the spread of Romanesque sculpture. He left his career in law to devote his full time to this passion and is still respected for the contributions he made in his field.

He disappeared on 8th July 1933, while at his Bolfin islands retreat. It is presumed that he had drowned, but his body has not been found. There are also assumptions that he was killed, or that he faked his death to re-emerge with a new identity at some other parts of Europe.

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