This Tiny Apartment Costs $280,000 For One Unbelievable Reason!

This very small apartment costs $280,000 for one incredible reason!

Once when you look inside this small apartment you cannot believe it was in an offering war from many purchasers. CNNMoney’s Richard Quest visited the famous apartment in London to find out what all the confusion was about. This is no foldable apartment either; you get what you see. The 6’1″ journalist laid down in the 10′ x 8′ home, and his body extended the whole length of the condo and without much space around him .When he stood up, the diameter of the little home was smaller than his arm range. The rest room is basically in the shower.

The first price of the apartment was $ 145, 000, and after 100 individuals saw it, the price rapidly shot up. The most astounding offer has reached $ 280,000, however investors expect that it might reach $500,000. So why is everybody wishing to get a bit of this little piece? The location is in central London close to the famous Harrods store. The department store was founded in 1834 and holds a lot of history and significance to Londoners. While there is any business opportunity for the place, some are cringing at the idea.

“I’m not interested about the location of the apartment. It’s not worth that price. It’s not legal to sell it as an apartment,” the analyst said. “The toilet shower is directly in the face,” said another one.