This Marble Machine Will Blow Your Mind, And Be Music To Your Ears

As kids we played with marbles here and there, not as much as generations before us. But never in our wildest dreams would we have thought that marbles could be used like this. Swedish Band Wintergatan has built what they are calling the Marble Machine that is comprised mainly of wood but has many other screws, bits of wire, and lord only knows what else is in this crazy contraption. Its a Hand Cranked machine that will play music using 2000 steel marbles that drop onto various surfaces depending on what lever the oerator has pulled.

We arent exactly sure how long it took to build it but it has to be a pretty good amount of time that for sure. The level of engineering required to make this whole thing work, then to build it, then to make it play fairly complicated music! Its things like this that makes us feel happy t be alive in this day and age when human kind has the capabilities beyond what was thought possible.

Because we hadn’t heard of this Swedish Band we decided to look them up after getting blown away by thier marble contraption and it appears as if playing some of thier music with everyday objects might be their thing. At least it appeared to be something going on in one of the videos we watched. But you can check out the band at their website