This Guy Begged “Please Don’t Shoot Me”, But The Police Still Did It!

According to a police report, a man from Texas was fatally shot by an Arizona cop begged for his life minutes before he was killed.

“Don’t shoot me, please” Daniel Shaver begged police.

Minutes later, an officer shot and killed the 26 year old Texas man.

The officer was identified as Philip Brailsford of the Mesa, Arizona, Police Department and since then, he was been charged with second degree murder.

In a recently discharged police report detailing body camera footage of the Jan. 18 shooting, Shaver is described as crying and complaining to charges as police requested him to step toward them. Officers threatened to shoot him if he didn’t follow them.

“Okay, if you make one more mistake, there is an extreme possibility you are both going to get shot. Do you understand?” one officer is described as letting him know.

Shaver begged “don’t shoot me, please.”

On March 4, the Maricopa County Attorney discovered that the shooting wasn’t justified and ordered second degree murder charges against the officer.

The police discharged the report Tuesday, yet have declined to discharge the video caught on the officer’s body camera.

By the lawyer’s office, police were called on Jan. 18 about reports of a man indicating a rifle outside the fifth floor window of a hotel.

Officers remained outside one of the rooms on the fifth floor and commanded everybody to turn out. After Shaver and a lady left, they were advised to get on the ground, as indicated by the police report.

Shaver was requested to crawl toward the officers, and the lady who was with him said he appeared of being pleading with police.

After crawling on all fours toward the officers, the man was advised to get on his knees. Shaver consented, but then made a movement with his right hand toward his waist, provoking Brailsford to shoot him five times.

As per the police report, the movement was like somebody going after a weapon on their waist, and also somebody attempting to pull up their hanging shorts.

“It showed up his shorts had fallen somewhat down his legs by then,” the report read.

In a YouTube video, Laney Sweet, Shaver’s wife, said prosecutors are considering a supplication manage with Brailsford, where he could confess to careless murder and keep away from the more serious charge of second degree murder.

She posted a sound recording of individuals she identified as prosecutors, including County Attorney Bill Montgomery, advising her she couldn’t speak to the media if she saw the officer body camera video of the shooting.

Sweet declined to see the video under those conditions.