Things Your Dad Actually Wants For Fathers Day

A Good Meal

Dont take the most important man in your life to Sizzler, either make him an amazing meal at home, or take him somewhere worthy of this special day. Also, if he’s on a diet, let it slip for the day and let him enjoy whatever he wants.




Quality Beer

A dad wants nothing more than to sit back, look at his awesome family and enjoy a great beer. Get him a cooler filled with his favorite beverage and let him enjoy it with you on the porch all afternoon.This is called “Quality Time”




Time To Relax

Don’t build a busy agenda, just let him dictate how the day will go. If he wants to go for a bike ride, don’t make it about the whole family, let him go on a bike ride by himself if he wants. He will find the time later to hangout with everyone.



Quality Not Quantity

Dont feel the need to bombard your dad with cheap gifts and kooky wall hangers. A good card with some heartfelt sentiments is more than enough. If you cook his favorite meal that is more than enough.



A Little Treat

End the day with some nice desert and for you wives and girlfriends, make him feel special and wanted. All a man needs to thrive is words of encouragement and love.



Ask Him About His Life

Get to know your dad. All too often when our parents leave us, we have so many unanswered questions about our family history and the lives that our parents lived. Take some time and learn about his life, he’ll love telling you about his adventures.