The Reason Why This Woman Put Her 3 Dogs For Adoption Is About To Make You Cry!

Pets are more than just companions. Some families have had a cat or a dog for years and generations have been around it, so the bond and relationship can be very precious and important. For Kathleen, this has been the case as she has lived her life surrounded by her three dogs. Unfortunately, due to a battle with terminal cancer she has been forced to say an early goodbye to them as she has asked her family and friends to adopt her dogs.

This is a sad circumstance that nobody wants to ever experience, however finding a happy home for them will mean a lot to the dogs who might otherwise end up homeless and as strays.

Giving them up for adoption has been extremely difficult but she knew that this is the step she had to take in order for them to continue living a happy life. The trio is fantastic together and they have always been inseparable.

The response has been overwhelming as her post on Facebook has been shared 30,000 times and the puppies will be on their way to a new home.

It is incredible to see that even when she is struggling with her own life, Kathleen has not stopped for a second before she secured a safe home for her favorite dog trio. You can donate to her GoFundMe ( Campaign to help her efforts.