The Kanye vs Wiz Twitter Battle Is Pure Entertainment.

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Kanye West is in the news again today for his battle with rapper Wiz Khalifa. Kanye is never one to miss an opportunity to make himself look like a complete tool and he sure didnt dissappoint in this example. It all started when Wiz offered his opinion on West’s new album titled Waves. Lets just say that he wasn’t a fan of the name of the album.

Khalifa sent out a bunch of tweets last night that we assume were towards Kanye although he never actually mentions West in the tweets.

He then followed it up with what kind of music he feels is “Wavy”

Now this is when it starts getting really good. Kanye who like I said is never one to keep things to himself started firing back at Wiz in only a way that Kanye West can.

kanye west

West’s first shot gives you a perfect idea of how obnoxious this twitterstorm is going to be…

wiz 1

… and then West got more specific with his target.

wiz 2

Then he started getting real specific with things like how Wiz dresses…

wiz 3

… to the music Wiz makes.

wiz 4

Some of the tweets here hard to figure out WTF he was trying to say…

wiz 5

Others were much easier…

wiz 6

Then he went back to the way Wiz dresses. Not sure how to interpret this one either. It this a compliment?

wiz 7

Then back to Wiz’s music.

wiz 9

He then throws out a low blow in my opinion with this subtle remark about Wiz’s Ex and mother of his child Amber Rose

wiz 11

He kept going getting lower and lower making himself look worse and worse.

wiz 12

Kanye then warned Wiz never to come at him…

wiz 13

This is great , he pulls the Elder card.

wiz 14

He then takes credit for influencing Khalifa’s style

wiz 15

He did give some of that credit to Kid Cudi

wiz 16

The rant went on for over a half an hour. Kanye goes back to how hes the greatest and how he started everything.

wiz 17

It just kept going…

wiz 18

…and going. Only now he goes even lower bringing Wiz’s kid into the mix.

wiz 19

Again with the child.

wiz 20

Then again going to back to Wiz’s music and how its not creative.

wiz 21

Apparently he even tried calling the guy!

wiz 22

The rant continued with Kanye rehashing everything he has said so far, just in case someone missed it I guess.

wiz 23

He brings up Khalifa’s style again and it comes across like he is jealous of khalifa, minus his pants of course.

wiz 24

One thing West wanted to make sure that Wiz and everyone else knew that skinny and tall or not, he is the greatest of all time. Uhhh NOPE!

wiz 25

He also wanted to drive home his point that Wiz should never have beef with him.

wiz 26

Some say this was all done for extra promotion for the new album, that is sure to be a bunch of bullshit lets be honest.

wiz 27

THEN He flips the script and says, wait he loves Wiz?

wiz 28

Peace and Positive Energy!

win 29

Wait, Waves is a damn gospel album!?

win 30


wiz 31

The best part about it was that even though wiz only responded a couple times it was what he said that was great.

wiz 32

Khalifas last response was the best because he basically says the album is shit, i’m goona go roll some joints because your not even worth my time.

wiz 33

Oh you thought that was the end? We are talking about Kanye West, you know he has more to say. Oh yeah he kept on tweeting.

wiz 34

Ok wait a minute, now Lucifer is a part of this nonsense?

wiz 35

I have no idea what this is all about.

wiz 36

Can someone explain to me how to “either” anyone but it sounds like it might hurt a little.

wiz 37

Continues to make himself look like a tool.

wiz 38

Then what may be the best part about this whole shit show that Kanye has put on, Amber Rose has stepped up and gave quite the response. I’m betting that Kanye is wishing he kept his damn mouth closed after this one.

wiz 39

wiz ender pic

wiz khalifa pic