Soulful Singer Stuns ”The Voice” With Record-Breaking Response From Judges!

One unbelievable artist stood in a 2011 visually audition for “The Voice Holland,” Charlie Luske blow it with his powerful vocals as he sang, “It’s A’s Man’s World” by James Brown. Before he could even complete his first line, each judge turned around in their seats to see the individual behind the amazing voice. Actually, Luske gathered the quickest response of the judges in the whole history of the show!

When Luske was 12 years old, his father motivated him to take classical singing lessons. Presently, Luske has a wife and two sons.

At the time when he finishes his performance, one of the judges even stands up in his chair and bows down to the gifted artist. Not just were the judges inspired by this stunning performance, but they likewise were astonished that Luske was so balanced and relaxed. (What’s more, it doesn’t hurt that he’s simple on the eyes.)

Although he didn’t win “The Voice,” Luske obviously has a God-given blessing. His audition became a web sensation with three million views on YouTube.