Soldier Adds Some Dance Moves To His Regular Drill Exercise!

All those people who serve in the military consider their jobs seriously. They know their obligations might be very difficult sometimes, and that it can mean being isolated from family and companions longer than they would like; but still they treat their positions with honor and regard.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean they can’t also enjoy cutting free every once and for a while! They may wear a uniform, yet they’re still just orderly individuals like we are. I adore seeing minutes like the group of Marines in a flight on their route home after months at work. We imagine them to be very serious constantly, but it’s clearly not the situation.

With all the hard commands they need to follow, it’s great to know our soldiers can keep their sense of humor. Indeed, even while they’re based abroad, there’s nothing saying they can’t have a fabulous time on their free time.

This youthful armed force officer seems like he’s going to run some physical preparation training drills with his CO, but the “rotating calf rise” exercise doesn’t go precisely like it would out on the field with his accomplices.

Rather than clearly lifting his legs up and down, the fun loving solder gives it an additional dash of fun by transforming it into a humorous dance! He does his best to keep his face stoic as he chants his reactions to his friend recording, yet you can see a smile or two breaks throughout.