She Begs Her Best Friend To Get A Haircut On ‘The Maury Show’

For almost a year, Koren’s best friend Christie has been requesting her to cut her long locks of hair in order to look more youthful, feel lighter, and give it to Locks of Love.

It started as a joke: Christie continued advising her friend that she was going to force her to get on The Maury Show and to cut off her very long hair, and Koren cheerfully accepted that she would just get her hair cut only if they go together.

While Koren absolutely liked her hair and kept it clean and healthful; she concedes that it started to become a little bit difficulty, with the weight alone, and the regular brushing and maintenance. She surely enjoyed the look of it, but probably it’s great to take a chance and try something to change.

When Koren was invited to go onto the show; she kept up her end of the agreement and gladly walked in front of the audience for a total makeover. Maybe the most entertaining moment of the entire show was when Christie was the person who needed to cut it all off! After all, it was her idea.

Her hair surely looked gorgeous, but quite awesome realizing that on account of her wish to have it cut off; it will all go to kids battling against cancer. Thank you very much Karen for that!