Paralyzed Groom Stands For His Bride On Their Wedding Day!

On his big day, Kent Stephenson wanted to demonstrate his bride that he would do everything for her — even the unimaginable. He certainly went above and beyond when he stood for her while she walked down the path; working through a tragedy that had left him paralyzed starting from the chest down.

In 2009, Kent harmed his spine in a Motocross accident, and has been in a wheelchair since then. His bride, Misti Richeson, stayed by his side, despite the fact that they had just been dating for a couple of months before Kent’s accident.

As a result of a stimulator that was implanted in his spine in 2012, Kent had recovered the capacity to move his hips, legs, and toes. With much work, he was additionally ready to stand occasionally.

And when Misti walked down the path, Kent stood for her, and stayed standing as they exchanged promises. He was also standing for the big kiss he planted on her toward the end of the ceremony. His devoted gesture proceeded into the reception, where he additionally stood for their first dance.

To see somebody overcome a limitation for their new spouse on their big day is really a triumphant minute. For instance, this wheelchair-bound lucky man stunned his bride when he stood up for their first dance, and left everybody in tears. This paraplegic groom took dance lessons with his bride to ensure that their first dance was truly exceptional. These gestures are not only demonstrations of individual triumph, as well as an sign of responsibility to a new marriage.