Nicole Scherzinger Was In SHOCK…After Hearing This Woman Sing At The X Factor!

This X factor performance will take your breath away. Sam Bailey works as a prison officer and spends some of her time singing but this time she is officially performing in front of an audience. For her song she chose “Listen” by Beyoncé and has made an incredible performance.
The judges were completely taken aback by her singing and her passion. While nervous at first, once she started singing you could feel her confidence increase and she really gave in to the song.

The audience and the people watching her behind the screens were completely amazed and she really did this song justice because her performance was a ten out of ten.

With a standing ovation, she got the judges on their feet and her husband in tears. Sam Bailey is one talented singer and really went above everybody’s expectations.
She uses singing as a way to deal with the stress of everyday life but her talent is definitely more than just that. Trying out and performing on the X Factor is a great decision for her because Sam Bailey has given the world a chance to hear her amazing voice and talent.