Leo Dicaprio Plays The Cool Kid At The SAG Awards With His Vape Pen


It really wasn’t that long ago that pretty much anytime you saw a “cool” movie star they had a cigarette in their hand. Of course that’s the complete opposite of how things are now. Hollywood star and international playboy Leo Dicaprio pulled out his Vape Pen at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards on Sunday and we gotta admit, he makes it look pretty “cool”. Right?


The award winning actor has been known to make the headlines for a variety of reasons. Anything from him banging another 20 something year-old supermodel, or maybe his latest blockbuster movie that’s “coming soon”, its pretty safe to say that this dude is living the dream of every single guy in the world. This time he stole the show when he pulled out his vape pen while he was sitting at the award show on Sunday night, and that’s all anyone’s been talking about regarding the awards.

Leo has been known to enjoy his vaping.





At other awards shows too! Shown here at the Golden Globes


Whether you’re a fan of this new vaping trend or not, I think it might be here to stay. Especially when they finally legalize marijuana as you will see even more people walking around with vape pens, only those would be weed pens, or as we like to call them “Happy Sticks”. Who knows, maybe that’s what Leo’s piffing in those pens of his all the time. Then we’d be even more envious of him.

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Apparently Not a Damn Thing! Not a Care in the World.