Gigi Hadid Handles Her Wardrobe Malfunction Without Skipping A Beat

When you’re in the public eye all day, every day, you are bound to have some sort of “oh shit” moment and its most likely going to be caught on camera when you are a celebrity in some way, shape or form. I mean they happen to the rest of us so why not famous people. Sometimes it’s pathetic twitter battles that get blasted out to the world for them to be mocked in every way possible, or maybe its child like temper tantrums that get caught on tape. Maybe it’s a wardrobe malfunction where your boob falls out as you walking down the runway at a Versace fashion show. How we handle those moments is what shows true, unmasked character.

Recently at the Milan Fashion Week, Gigi Hadid happened to be walking the runway at the Versace Show wearing a shiny, but classy, low cut black dress that required her to go bra-less and when she started walking out sure enough her boob falls out. Now most people would be mortified, they would have to feel it and would try to non chalantly fix the situation and if that didnt work possibly just run off the sage crying maybe? Well not this Victoria Secret beauty, she just shook it off like it didnt even happen and just kept on walking. I mean when you are in that upper echeloen of hottness showing a little nipple now and then is almost like gift to the mere mortals of the world. When asked about it afterwards she replies in the most casual way ” these things happen on the runway everyday” and then proceeds to change the subject to how great the Versace chokers looked.

You go on with your bad self girl.



Gigi is the daughter of Beverly Hills Housewife Yolanda Foster and has been featured on the show a couple times. She was born and raised in LA and got into modeling at a young age. She has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition as well as Many Victoria Secret spreads so as far beauty levels here we are off the charts.