Family Finds Secret Message On Back Of Late Daughter’s Mirror!

On May 28, 2014, Athena Orchard – a 13 year old, passed away of bone cancer. She left behind a devastated family included her mom, dad and nine close relatives. When her mom and dad, Dean and Caroline, wanted to through their girl’s things, they never believed to find such a surprising discovery.

A few days after Athena’s passing, Dean and Caroline moved the mirror located opposite the wall in her room. Then, they saw something on the back of the mirror — and when they understood what Athena had secretly made, they were completely touched. Look down to see what Athena left behind for her parents and close ones…

At the age of 12, Athena Orchard was diagnosed with bone cancer. Her life turned into a series of operations, surgical procedures, and process of radiation and chemotherapy.

On May 28 2014, Athena died at the age of 13.

She left behind her parents, mom Caroline and dad Dean, 6 sisters and 3 brothers. They live in Leicester, England.

While Athena was sick in the clinic, she made a point to keep her family’s spirits up. She stayed positive, and even ensured her friends and family to eat and smile.

Days after she died, Caroline and Dean had to effort themselves into the sad wrenching task of going through her room. When they moved the mirror from the wall of her bedroom, they found a 3,000 word inscription.

After she was determined with cancer, Athena had quietly written a message to her family on the back of the mirror.

There, she explains what love meant to her, the significance of happiness, and the importance of living every day to its fullest.

This is her full message:

“Happiness depends from us. Possibly it’s not about the happy ending; perhaps it’s about the story. The reason of life is a life of reason. The distinction between normal and phenomenal is that little additional. Happiness is guidance not a target. Thank you because you are here. Be happy, be free, believe and be forever young. You know my name, but not my story.

You have heard what I’ve done, however not what I’ve been through. Love is similar to glass, looks so beautiful but very easy to break.

Love is uncommon, life is odd, nothing lasts and individuals change. Every day is unique, so make the most beneficial, because you could get some illness tomorrow and your life could end. Life is terrible if you make it terrible. If somebody adores you, then they wouldn’t neglect you regardless of how hard the circumstances are. Keep in mind that life is full with good and bad times.

Never give up on something you can’t go a day without considering. I need to be that young lady who makes the terrible days better and the one that makes you say my life has changed since I saw her!

Love is not how much you say I love you – but to prove it. Love is like the wind, you can feel it and you can’t see it. I’m waiting to fall in love with somebody I can open my heart to. Love is not about who you can see spending your future with, it’s about whom you can’t see spending your life without… Life is a game but love is a prize. Only I can judge myself.

In some cases love hurts. And now I’m battling myself. Baby I can feel your agony. Dreams are my reality. It hurts, but I’m used to it. Try not to judge me, you just see what I want you to see… you don’t have an idea about reality. I simply need to have a fun and be happy without being judged.

This life is mine, not yours, don’t stress over what I do. Individuals are going to hate you, break you, rate you, but how strong you are, that is the thing that makes you… you!

I don’t want to cry, because I know you’ll be by my side.”

Her friends and family scribbled tribute messages of adoration and remembrance on the Orchard family’s home.

Caroline and Dean chose to share their girl’s message to the world, indicating exactly how brave and spirited she really was. It rapidly became a web sensation.

The Orchard family will keep the mirror until the end of their life. Whenever they read her beautiful words, it’s as if she’s right there with them.