Another Excellent Super Bowl Commercial From Victoria’s Secret

It’s Super Bowl season baby! This Sunday likely see a great game, with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos matching up against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. Two fantastic quarterbacks and two of the top-rated defenses in the game should be a showdown of epic proportions.


Believe it or not, some people don’t really care about football, but it seems as if everyone loves the Super Bowl. It’s usually a good game and halftime show, but what I really think might draw the biggest audience is the commercials. Companies drop upwards of $4.5 million for just 30 seconds of ad space during the big game, and when they’re spending that kind of money they want to be damn sure that people watch them.

One company that never has a problem getting people to watch is Victoria’s Secret. Based on early releases of this year’s ads, it looks like we have a lot to look forward to.¬†Following in the football-theme, they dress up the Angels in full football gear and pit them in an Angels vs Devils football game. The Angels lineup consists of 5 of the top models. At quarterback Adriana Lima, and running back Jasmine Tookes, along with star players Alessandra Ambrosio, Elsa Hosk and Taylor Hill.

victoria erin andrews

ESPN analyst Erin Andrews makes a cameo as the Angels head coach and gives a great pep talk, with the main motto of “Score More” (nobody’s gonna argue with that). The commercial shows the girls doing the complete opposite of what they would normally be doing walking down the catwalk. Jumping, diving, spinning and breaking tackles; it really shows these beautiful ladies in a different light.
erin andrews1

There will most likely be more to come from Victoria’s Secret because this pic shows Behati Prinsloo and Candice Swanepoel but I don’t see them in this initial video.

You can check out the video here: