Dog Has The Best Possible Reaction To A ”Stinky” Baby!

There isn’t any happier moment than hearing an infant in giggles — but the baby in this video had us (and his mother) smiling for totally different reasons. The key here is to watch the response of the family puppy. They are sitting together as mother records her little infant. The family’s puppy laying beside him on the sofa and the kid does something not really cool beyond the age of infancy: He poops his trousers.

People say: “If you must go, you must go.” This child most unquestionably needed to go.

And babies do that. They’re essentially hardwired for eating and pooping and sometimes they may give you a chance to get two or three hours of rest between the preceding activities. But look at this poor dog and the look of his face after his small baddy had done the deed reminds us that even the ordinary events make for some of the funniest videos.