At The Very Last Minute, Grandson Takes Great-Grandma To Prom!

His prom plans changed very fast because of the fast intervention of his 93 year old great-grandma Kathryn Keith. Drew Holm is a teenager from Crothersville High School who shared his prom plans with his granny. But when she started suspecting something, she immediately knew she had to take an action. And the problem was that Drew wasn’t planning to go.

He wasn’t very excited about that night because he couldn’t find a partner. But Kathryn didn’t want Drew to miss his prom and she funnily said: “I have a dress and I’m going with you.”

She wasn’t serious, but Drew obliged very fast. Firstly, Kathryn disagreed. Certainly, he could find some younger and prettier girl. But Drew immediately told her that wasn’t possible because for him, she was the most beautiful woman. Drew spoke to school supervisors because the prom age limit was 21, and they agreed.

And both of them got all dressed up. Drew took his grandma in her Cadillac and the after was history.

Maybe it seems like a crazy thing to do with your granny, in any case, but how many individuals do you know to spend their time with their parents or grandparents? I think that Drew and Kathryn will never forget that magical night.