Amazing Drone Footage From Moab, Utah (And Other Places)

We live in the days where you can strap a 4k quality camera onto a flying robot and send it as high as a mile, flying it wherever you please. This technology has become so popular that of most of the high quality drones that are now sold require them to be registered with the FAA for crying out loud. These things are incredible; the “pilot”, for lack of a better word, has a standard radio controller that would be used in high end RC planes and helicopters, but this one has a stand for some sort of viewing device such as an Ipad or smartphone so that you can see what view the camera is getting.

We were lucky enough to recently run into a guy that had one down in Moab, Utah and he was out flying his and we were able to get the footage that he had gotten on his trip out to the beautiful red rocks in that part of the country. So check this out its definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

What’s interesting about these modern day consumer drones is they’re super smart. For example if you’re flying and you get one foot outside the range of the controller, there’s a GPS device in the drone that automatically directs it back to the launch site. Same thing with power; if the batteries are starting to get low it will automatically start heading back to the launch site that you would have determined as the “home” before taking of in the first place. This is not a short distance we are talking about, this isn’t those remote control cars you would get at Radio Shack when you were kids that couldn’t get 50 feet away without loosing control and running into something ( and usually breaking). We are talking in excess of a mile range these things have and I’m sure that they have even longer range now. The mile range was what the guy had that we ran into in Moab. Costing anywhere from a few hundred all the way up to as much as you wanna spend the drone technology is not going anywhere so we better start getting used to it. Before long they will be delivering us a pizza, mark my words.

Here are a few other incredible still shots and videos taken from drones:

Holiday Traffic Jam

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Here you have footage of a GoPro on a drone in the middle of a firework show

This is an excellent job getting the burning man festival of 2015