A Photo Of Two Cops Is Going Viral…And It’s Now What You Think It Is At All!

This might seem like a regular photo of two officers in their squad car. But that is a bit different because in the background, these two are Officers Britanny and Steven who are married and have 3 children together. They are on patrol during thanksgiving.
While being a father, a mother, a son and a daughter, they have left their family for their responsibility to serve the community and keep those around them safe.

Police work takes dedication, and while certain officers do not do their job correctly, the idea behind law enforcement is humble and makes sure everyone gets equal treatment and rights.

Individuals shouldn’t be judged based on the badge they wear, and yet a lot of police officers get shot at simply for representing the law which is the same for everybody.

It is important to recognize the work and dedications of others and be thankful for their time and effort. Share this to spread the message.