5 Weird Festivals from Around the World

1cryingbabyEvery town and city has its own local festivals, perhaps you see your neighbors get down every year and eat their weight in papayas or throw festive parades to celebrate their common ancestry, we’ve all been there and done that.

Now, it may be considered impolite to describe foreign customs as weird, but we’re going to go ahead and give ourselves a pass on this one as the festivals you’re about to read about are undoubtedly unusual to say the least.

5. Naked Man Festivals


Every year, at dozens of locations all over Japan, thousands of men don their best loincloths during winter and head out onto the streets. For good luck of course. The specifics vary from place to place, but mostly they try to touch a naked man called Shin-otoko to secure their luck for the coming year. The most famous of these “naked man” festivals is held at the Saidaji Temple in Okayama.

4. Fiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme


In this cheerful gathering, people come together to celebrate how awesome people that have survived near death experiences are. All over the little town of Las Nieves, people carry the lucky survivors in coffins in honor of Santa Marta, who happens to be the patron saint of resurrection.

3. Monkey Buffet Festival


This one is pretty straightforward. In order to bolster tourism, Thailandese natives organize a big ass buffet in the Lopburi province north of Bangkok in order to feed their local monkey population which numbers in the thousands.

Feed the monkeys, get rich. Can’t go wrong with that logic.

2. Baby-Jumping Festival


The folks over at Castillo de Murcia in Spain weren’t satisfied with a simple dip in Holy Water; no, always seeking to be on the front-line of baby-blessing innovation they’ve chosen instead to gather every year during Corpus Christi, lay down their babies uniformly in blankets and then proceed to jump their asses off over them.

The Vatican has tried to stop these nutjobs from exercising their god-given right to jump over their babies, but it seems like nothing will stop the good people of Castillo de Murcia from having a good time.

1. Make-a-Baby Cry


Making babies cries is a sport mostly left to the psychopathic and mentally unstable. However every year, sumo wrestlers with evil overlord tendencies get to indulge their basest desires in Konaki Sumo, held of course in wonderland of bizarre festivals that is Japan. During Konaki Sumo, two sumo wrestlers hold their newborn victims in the air, face each other and then proceed to try their best to make their baby break down and cry first.

That’s some all-around solid parenting, good going, Japan!