13 Idiots Who Climbed the Fence at the Zoo

2) Two Men Mauled While Trying to Honor Tiger

Sooo people tend to give nice, cuddly animals you’d want to pet nice, cuddly names like “Squiggles”, “Mittens”, and “Gumdrop”; these are cute little critters you can walk up to, pet, and get comfortable with.

Shiva the Destroyer: this is not an animal whose face you want to be anywhere near.

Shiva, a 13-year-old Bengal Tiger, was minding his own business at the Culcutta Zoo when Prakesh Tiwari and Suresh Rai decided they didn’t want to exclude anybody from their New Year’s festivities, especially a deadly tiger separated from zoo patrons by a moat.

A moat. A method of protection to guard castles from invaders in medieval times is what these two tiger worshipping followers of the goddess Durga crossed to get into Shiva’s enclosure so that they might present him with a marigold flower garland to welcome the New Year.

Not surprisingly, this male Bengal Tiger did not take kindly to these men trying to outfit him with a necklace and promptly attacked Rai as he threw the garland around Shiva’s neck. Tiwari intervened by KICKING THE TIGER IN THE FACE. That actually sounds pretty badass until you learn that the tiger diverted its attention to mauling Tiwari who was killed in the attack. Rai survived to present garlands to other dieties.